Nature Cooperative Wildmind

Wildmind is a nature cooperative located in Southern Finland. We are located close to Helsinki metropolitan area, but still next to magnificent outdoor areas of Hyvinkää, Hämeenlinna and Loppi. We offer adventure, dining and hiking services, nature-related wellness and mental services, and nature and outdoor construction services.

If you are a corporate customer, you can take your group with us to nature, for example, on a refreshing day that combines nature experiences and mental skills. Our private customers we can take on a guided adventure to the old narrow-gage railroad or learn something new about natural products, handicrafts or nature photography! All of our services can include various catering services, from outdoor coffee and snack breaks to wilderness-spirit multi-course dinners.

Wildmind is constisted of seven members, which all have very wide profession related not only nature experiences but also other skills – from air traffic controller to sailor and from carpenter to nurse!

You can contact us by email